- About Storyside B -

Under the guidance of Jeff Hanson’s Silent Majority Recordings (Creed, Alter Bridge) and Off The Ground Entertainment, StorySide:B (“SSB”) is already making waves after only a year together. Triggered by regular radio spins and live shows throughout Florida a buzz has formed. The five piece band considers their music to be uplifting and "positive" which appeals to an array of followers.

A SSB show consists of high energy guitars and drums followed by acoustic ballads that have people on their feet instantly. The band credits the wide variety of musical influences that each member brings to the table for their unique sound and style.

Formed in 2003 by guitarist/vocalist Lu Rubino and drummer Jordan Mohilowski, it didn’t take long for the "right" mix of musicians to seek them out to form the band. Nashville recording artist Matt Lande (guitar), Detroit native Ron McClelland (bass/piano) and up and comer Preston Pohl (guitar) have been electrifying Northeast Florida crowds for several months.

While currently finishing their debut album, the guys are focusing on putting together a live show that will set them apart from the rest. Musicians of the truest form, every member has the ability to play every instrument on the stage. With national radio attention StorySide:B plans to hit the road and stores in the upcoming months.

- Lead vocals / guitars -

Lu signed a publishing deal with EMI/NY in 2001. Since then, he has enjoyed radio success with other bands such as Monkey The Fish, but feels as though StorySide:B gives him the flexibility to write and perform truly heart felt music. In addition to singing and playing guitar, bass, drums, cello, mandolin and sitar, Lu is an accomplished producer and studio owner (The Fish Tank Studio) currently working on Chris Kirkpatrick’s (N’Sync) solo debut album.

Born in Hartford, Connecticut

Lives in St. Augustine, Florida

Influences - Peter Gabriel and Sting (in addition to countless others)

As a 21 year-old, Lu became a touring bass player for Flock of Seagulls after band frontman Mike Score overheard him playing in an Orlando music store.


- Drums -

Jordan began playing guitar at age 11 after an accident confined him to his home for several months. He quickly learned that music was his calling and at age 15 released his first solo CD entitled "Black and Blue" in which he played all instruments and sang. The first single was picked up by local stations and the CD gained critical acclaim in the Jacksonville, Florida market. A year ago, Jordan needed a little help on a track he had written and found Lu – together they created the very popular and moving “Miracle”.. Born in Chicago, Illinois

Lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Influences – Phil Collins, Carter Beuford, Michael Bennick, Kenny Arnoff, Scott Phillips.

Jordan is a Music Director for YouthQuake Live, which is a Jacksonville based youth program that brings awareness to teens. He also wrote the theme song for Ultimate Choice TV on WB. Finished runner-up with Lu in the TBN talent search Exalting Him 2003 out of 1400 artists.


- Lead guitar / background vocals -

Matt is a singer/songwriter/guitarist moved by emotion and depth... Joining with StorySide:B as lead guitarist and background vocalist, Matt has taken on this roll with a renewed drive and determination, feeling a great connection to the music.

Born on Long Island, New York

Lives in St. Augustine, Florida

Influences- Counting Crows, Train, Savage Garden, U2... oh and 2%Milk.

Matt is a composer of over 100 songs and former lead singer/guitarist for several indie bands such as (In Return, file 13, and 39 Stripes).


- Bass / piano -

Born into a musical family, Ron began playing piano at the young age of 6. His love of music quickly grew and prompted him to learn drums, guitar, bass and cello. After playing in a number of local funk bands, he decided to take a job as music director for The Abundant Life Church in Houston, in which he oversaw the musical collaborations for a congregation of over 4000 people. After hearing a StorySide:B demo and a brief conversation with Lu, he knew that the band was his calling and came on board.

Born in Detroit, Michigan

Lives in Houston, TX (currently relocating to St. Augustine)

Influences-Stevie Wonder, Billy Preston, Victor Wooten...everything from the 70's soul era.

Father was choir director for C.L. Franklin (Aretha’s Dad) Married with two big Labs


- Guitar / background vocals -

Preston is only 18 years-old but has the experience of true veteran. His energy and stage presence adds explosiveness to the live show. He picked up guitar at age 6 after being forced to take classical guitar lessons. He completely fell in love with music and has continued to master his craft and writing skills while playing with a number of local acts in the Dallas area

Born in Haloetsville, TX

Lives in Houston, TX

Influences-Foo Fighters, John Mayer, Mark Tremonti In addition to guitar plays bass and drums and has penned over 50 songs.

Loves Fried Chicken